How to create a digital Social Security Card for yourself?

  • How to make a social security card?

A Social Security number is a numerical identifier assigned to USA citizens and other residents to track income and determine benefits. SSNs are issued by the Social Security Administration.

We follow some steps to complete the digital social security card and the mandatory steps are:

#1. We will need CPN number to add the card and obviously it will 9 digit number. For example, 123-45-6789.

#2. Next we will your full name to add social security card.

#3. After that, we need a valid signature (digital signature) to add the card and place it perfectly to make it more matchable.

#4. Finally, we will add issue date bottom of the card. For example, mm/dd/yyyy(12/27/2018).


Still confused!! Have a look our video guidelines:

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