The History of Fake Duplicate Social Security Card in Under 10 Minutes

History of Fake Duplicate Social Security Card

Are you curious about the history of fake duplicate social security cards? Personal identification documents are very important for everyone in the USA. In this age, fraudulent activities in making fake social security cards increase daily.

In this article, we discuss the history of fake social security cards, explore their origin, risk, government issue, the role of legality, protect your identity from theft, and how safe your personal information is, etc.

The History of Fake Social Security Card In-depth Research

The history of duplicate Social Security cards can be traced back to the early twentieth century when the Social Security Administration (SSA) developed a system for providing individuals with a unique ID number. The demand for false copies increased as the Social Security card became crucial for various purposes, including employment and government payments.

In 1936 the first SSN Card version was released in the United States. Then year by year, change something new. More than 36 times, it changed in the US Government. Last year there was a huge change.

A changed table of SSN Card from the Government office SSA US

Year Version Change SSN Card
1936 First  Without form number and no revision. Just a card face, a seal, date of issue, address and signature. Had a ‘stub’.
1937-1938 Second Same as and include stub ‘for office use only’.
1938-1940 Third Add back form OA-702 DUP, RR large letter add, green letter add, and issue date omitted.
1940 Fourth Only add signature and stub color change. 12/42 revision
1943 Fifth 4/43 revision
1944 Sixth 7/44 revision
1946 Seventh 1/46 revision. The card use case is not only Identification use for Social Security purposes.
1948 Eighth 10/48 revision. Card back and seal colour on blue.
1949-1951 Ninth 7/49 revision and add card header
1952 Tenth 1/52 revision and new workers signature
1953 Eleventh 4/53 revision and back change
1954 Twelfth, Thirteenth 2/54 revision and changed small DHEW seal
1956 Fourteenth, Fifteenth 3/56 revision and some card print 4/56 revision
1958 Sixteenth 10/58 revision and the woman must communicate with the SSA office when she is 62.
1959 5/59 revision
1961 9/61 revision and Social security +Tax purpose use
1970 Seventeenth
1972 Eighteenth Replace and original look the same.
1974 Eighteenth
1976 Nineteenth 4/76 revision
1980 Twentieth 5/80 revision and seal changed called DHHS seal
1981 Twenty first 4/81 revision
1982 Twenty-Second, third 6/82 revision and removed card stub.

Third 9/82 revision

1983 Twenty-fourth 10/83 revision
1984 Twenty-fifth 4/84 revision + formatted
1987 Twenty-sixth 1/87 revision
1988 Twenty-seventh 1/88 revision and add VOID pattern
1992 The Social Security Administration began displaying the caption “VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION” on September 14, 1992.
1994 Twenty-eighth NHs says keep card in safe
April 1995 Twenty-ninth New seal
1999 Thirteenth 06/99 revision
2002 Thirty-first 12/2002 +address corrected
2004 Thirty-Second The Language call” Do not carry with you it”
2006-2007 Thirty-third In line signature and always print only two line
2007 Thirty-fourth 10-2007 version. Non repeating spiral design, color shifting,
2011 Thirty-fifth 8/11+ 2D barcode.
2022 Thirty-sixth 12/22. Alien to noncitizen update and many more minor edits for clarification.


Implications and Risks of Creating Fake Duplicate Social Security Cards

The increasing number of fake duplicate Social Security cards has stimulating effects and risks for people and society. For humans, it can give rise to identity theft, financial loss, and potential legal liabilities. 

Also, the existence of illegal cards undermines the reliability of the Social Security system, destroying public trust and presenting government agencies with the task of verifying their identities.

Measures Taken by Government Agencies to Combat Fake

Several things are done to stop people from making fake copies of SSN cards. The SSA building has a security safe, holograms, and signs in the shape of cards. The Government’s law enforcement departments are working harder than ever to find fraud.


The history of fake duplicate Social Security card shows how fraudsters and the people whose job is to keep identification systems safe are always at odds. As technology changes, so do the ways people try to steal money. But society can stop people from making and using fake cards with teamwork, improved security features, public education, and strict legal consequences. It will protect people and keep the Social Security system’s reputation intact.


Can it be easy to distinguish between a real Social Security card and a fake one?

It can be hard to distinguish between a fake copied Social Security card and a real one because counterfeiters often need to copy the look and security features. But new security measures and technological improvements are making it harder to make fakes that look real.

What are the consequences of having a fake copy of a Social Security card or using one?

Having or using a fake or duplicate Social Security card is a major crime that can lead to serious legal problems. Depending on where the crime happened and how bad it was, the person who did it could get a fine, go to jail, or both.



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